Modern journalists: New media means new tools

March 27, 2009

Traditional reporting and writing skills will always be important for journalists. But as Patrick Thornton demonstrates on,  journalists these days need to learn how to use other tools as well to succeed.   He writes about three beat reporters who use social media tools like Twitter and MySpace to help them be stronger beat reporters. Your assignment: Read his post and look at the blogs of the three reporters (Amber Smith, Nina SimonStephanie DePasquale,  he cites. In the comments section below, give me your thoughtful reaction to what you’ve read. How could you use these tools if you were actually assigned to the beat you have for class for a media outlet? What do you think of the reporters’ blogs? Did you see anything that might be helpful for you as you put together your online story? Your comments are due no later than the beginning of class Thursday, April 2.